Pipetel’s unique ability to capture unpiggable pipeline data is an essential component of an effective integrity management program

The 2002 US DOT gas pipeline ruling started an initiative that saw collaboration between academics, industry and government agencies to meet these new regulations. The Northeast Gas Association/NYSEARCH led a research and development program leading to a ground-breaking technology developed by Carnegie Mellon University and the Southwest Research Institute.

InvoDane Engineering then refined the technology. The result is the Explorer Series, which is a range of inspection robots that provide pipeline operators with accurate and relevant information on the state of their unpiggable pipelines, to develop reliable maintenance programs.

In 2010, Pipetel Technologies Inc. was created to spearhead the evolution of the Explorer Robot
platform. Since that date, Pipetel has been providing a full non-destructive and visual inspection service for natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines from 6 to 36 inches in diameter. The company offers a range of inspection services followed up with detailed reporting data.

Pipetel is committed to improving safety and reliability of pipeline assets by continuing to develop the latest inspection technology, delivering a high level of field service, and providing the knowledge and experience expected from the leader in unpiggable inspection services.